The Ranch - A family owned restaurant since 1981

1981 - HISTORY:

The Ranch Restaurant opened its doors on June 4, 1981. This family owned and operated restaurant was originally developed by Steve and JoAnn Schmitz along with their business partner, Jim Beier. In 1994, JoAnn and Steve Schmitz became the sole owners. Prior to 1981 the building was franchised as a Country Kitchen. The original ranch decor had a western style featuring old west characters such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Calamity Jane. Another theme mounted on the north side of the restaurant was the Wall of the North featuring 75 animal mounts from all over the United States.


In 1983 an addition was added to the restaurant along with the famous Michael Garman Cityscape. The Garman wall of art was originally located in the south dining room. Because some of the guests were unable to view the Cityscape, an addition was added and the wall was moved to the entrance area in September of 1987. Customers were delighted to closely examine the details of the complex "community on the wall." Customers comment they continue to see new details on their reoccurring visits to the Ranch. For more information on the Cityscape, go to the link, GARMAN WALL, that contains the full article on the Garman Cityscape that was published in the local newspaper, The Sentinel.


In 1991 the Ranch modernized the original decor and layout which was designed to look like a Ranch home. The interior decorating transformed the three different dining rooms into an eloquent yet casual atmosphere of a library, ranch-style dining room, and a porch.


In 1994 the Schmitz family became the sole owner of The Ranch Restaurant. The Ranch Restaurant is committed to continuous improvement in its upkeep, decorating, service, and food.